Applying for membership

Every company that applies to be a member is reviewed with reference to the Federation’s statutes. The review is conducted by the board in the district to which the prospective member belongs. Once a company has been accepted as a member, it is bound to comply with the Federation’s statutes and to pay the fees determined by the Federation’s General Meeting.

The setting of Federation fees

Every second year, the Federation holds a General Meeting with the Federation’s Congress. All member companies are invited to attend. The Federation’s General Meeting is used to appoint the Board and to review the Federation’s operations and projects, and to take decisions regarding future operational priorities and projects. The Federation’s General Meeting is also the forum in which the various fees are set. The most recent adjustment was made in April 2015, and takes effect on 1 January 2016. The fees are payable four times per year. The Swedish Federation of Glazing Contractors handles contractual and wage issues.

Membership dues and service fees

All member companies pay both membership dues and a service fee. Membership dues are payable annually and comprise a fixed fee (VAT-exempt) of SEK 500. The service fee comprises a fixed base amount of SEK 900 and a variable component comprising 0.145% of the member company’s annual turnover. The minimum annual service fee for a member company is SEK 4200, including the base amount, while the maximum annual service fee is limited to SEK 65,000.

Employer fee for companies with employees

The Swedish Federation of Glazing Contractors enters into collective agreements with several employee organisations in the construction industry. All member companies with employees are required to pay an employer fee in addition to the fees and dues set out above. The employer fee is also made up of fixed (VAT-exempt) membership dues of SEK 500, plus a variable service fee. The variable component is determined by how many people the company employs.

Number of employees     Service fee
1 - 4                                         2 500 SEK    
5 - 14                                       3 000 SEK
15 - 24                                     5 000 SEK
25 - 49                                   10 000 SEK
50 - 99                                   18 000 SEK
100 - 199                               34 000 SEK
200 (or more)                       66 000 SEK

District fee

All member companies belong to one of the Federation’s seven districts. The districts organise annual informational meetings for all member companies in the district. These meetings serve as a forum for discussing important issues for the future. Each district has its own board in charge of collecting the annual district fee. The district fee varies from one district to another, and ranges between 0 and 800 SEK/year.

MTK subscription

For member companies that fit glass, there is an additional charge of SEK 1084 per year for the MTK subscription. This fee is subsidised – the regular price is SEK 1650.

Member fee to The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise

The Federation has a membership in The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise (Svenskt Näringsliv). That means that your company, as a member in The Swedish Federation of Glazing Contractors, also has a membership in Svenskt Näringsliv. You will receive an invoice (of the member fee) from Svenskt Näringsliv twice a year. You are bound to pay the invoice to continue your membership in The Federation. The fee is 0,09 percent of your company’s total salary amount. 

More information

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