Being a member of the Swedish Federation of Glazing Contractors


As a member of the Swedish Federation of Glazing Contractors, you can feel calm and confident. We monitor both market and societal developments, and keep track of legislative changes and new regulations. We also negotiate collective agreements with the trade unions. Among other things, this gives you access to better conditions for running a business and negotiating wages. You can also get advice and support from our lawyers, for instance if you should become involved in a dispute.


The Swedish Federation of Glazing Contractors helps you take responsibility as an business owner – both for your employees and for the operation as a whole. This can relate to anything from the work environment, legislation and regulations, to quality, insurance policies and public procurements. Your customers can rest assured that the work will be carried out professionally and in accordance with prevailing requirements and regulations.


Education is a profitable investment. We participate in a wide variety of research projects, working alongside universities, institutes, suppliers and public authorities. We even run our own Glass School. This lets us help you identify new markets and business areas, while providing you with new business ideas and entrepreneurial inspiration.


Being a member of the Swedish Federation of Glazing Contractors is a guarantee of quality. Here are the ways in which we ensure quality:
Customised training, authorisations and collective agreements. Our professional exams, authorisations and certifications are held in high regard by public authorities and clients alike – they confer status and bring business opportunities. This way, both you and the client know that the company possesses the requisite expertise and quality. We also make sure the industry gets the skilled employees it needs for the future. This is accomplished through the mechanism of the traditional apprentice system, as well as the secondary school and university system.


Fellowship with colleagues and vendors is a major part of the work done by the Federation. By participating in courses, industry meetings and field trips, you will naturally mesh and become involved with a variety of networks and social contexts. Your participation and advocacy of issues that concern the industry are important. We work together to create an industry that is competent, well-respected and efficient. Together, we shape the way we want the outside world to perceive us.


Having a joint organisation is a strength. Not least so that we can work effectively when it comes to public opinion and lobbying initiatives. Our industry supplies products and services that no modern society can live without. And your company works on a daily basis to give people a better living environment, security and good health. These are some of the messages we communicate, and collectively we make up an important consultant body that refers matters on to decision makers and public authorities. The Swedish Federation of Glazing Contractors possesses the experience and knowledge you need in a reliable labour market partner. A robust organisation can negotiate favourable terms.


Your commitments contribute to a better society - together we create a brighter future!

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