The Swedish Federation of Glazing Contractors consists of three primary parts:
the Federation Congress, the Federation Board and the secretariat.

The Swedish Federation of Glazing Contractors holds a General Meeting every other year that serves as the Federation’s highest decision-making body. The General Meeting is a forum where member companies take decisions on the work done by the Federation. The Federation Board is also elected during the General Meeting. The Board is the highest decision-making authority for the Swedish Federation of Glazing Contractors, and is made up of representatives from the member companies. Board members are selected based on competence, area of expertise and geographical location. In addition to a number of ordinary board meetings, the Board and the secretariat hold strategy sessions in which business targets are set. In addition, for each business area there are specialised working groups tasked with specific projects.

Federation members are divided into seven districts. Each district has its own board, which serves as an intermediary between the Federation Board and the members within the district. 

The Federation also has a secretariat consisting of 10 people who handle day-to-day administrative operations. A substantial part of the operational work is handled by a variety of working groups. 

We have a membership in The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.

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