The Swedish Federation of Glazing Contractors’ Code of Ethics

1. Conduct

Members must not behave in such a manner that violates a general sense of justice, or which is considered generally publicly unacceptable.

A customer must be able to trust that a member of the Swedish Federation of Glazing Contractors will always strive to carry out satisfactory work, and to engage in business transactions that are always to the satisfaction of both parties.

Members must observe sound marketing practices.

2. Relationship to the customer

Members must ensure all work is performed professionally and in a manner that is not to the detriment of environmental and quality requirements. Scheduled appointments must be honoured. New assignments and cancelled assignments must be handled properly within the framework of signed agreements.

3. Relationship with clients and vendors

Such collaborations must be characterised by correct business conduct and mutual respect. Contracts, provisions, terms and conditions, etc., shall be honoured.

4. Disreputable operators

Members shall not cooperate with disreputable contractors, vendors or customers, and shall actively discourage black market work.

5. Undue advantage

Unlawful remuneration or benefits provided to a customer or employee are prohibited.

Employees who steal or otherwise improperly appropriate benefits for themselves are to be prosecuted immediately.

6. Relationship with employees

Members must actively contribute to ensuring that employees are given the opportunity to develop in their work, and to maintaining a good working environment so as to reduce absence due to illness, workplace accidents and repetitive strain injuries.

Members must also comply with applicable legislation. In this light, particular emphasis is placed on complying with the Discrimination Act’s prohibition on discriminating on the basis of gender, trans-gender identity, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation or age.

7. Relationship with members

Members must conduct themselves properly in respect of other members and must not engage in the dissemination of rumours about one another.

Members must work to promote healthy competition in the industry.

8. Relationship to the Swedish Federation of Glazing Contractors

Members must loyally adhere to the Swedish Federation of Glazing Contractors’ statutes, and must comply with decisions taken at annual meetings and by the boards.

9. Compliance

The Swedish Federation of Glazing Contractors’ working committee must ensure that these rules are complied with.

The working committee shall inform the Board if it finds that a member has violated these rules, and submit its proposal for action accordingly.

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