The Swedish Federation of Glazing Contractors

The Swedish Federation of Glazing Contractors is a trade and employer organisation for about 550 Swedish glazier’s workshops, car glass workshops, art framing businesses, as well as glass and metal contractors. We also number some 50 companies as associate members. These companies are vendors to the industry. The Federation’s primary task is to provide member companies with the knowledge and tools needed to optimise the conduct of their business.

In accordance with its statutes, the Swedish Federation of Glazing Contractors works to represent and promote its member companies’ common interests in the relationship between employers and employees.

The Federation monitors developments in areas of potential benefit and interest to member companies, and which lay the basis for broad-based cooperation between the various stakeholders in the glass industry.

The Swedish Federation of Glazing Contractors maintains a secretariat in Stockholm. The secretariat provides member companies with help and assistance in matters of business administration, and with regard to labour law and tax issues. The secretariat’s staff and the various working groups collaborate to arrange training programmes in a variety of subjects, and conduct projects to develop the industry. The Federation’s activities are financed by service charges collected from members on the one hand, and by commercial activities on the other.

We have a membership in The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.

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